Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Walking like Bananana :)


after a 2 weeks break~my body seems very lazy to work~aiyakkkk!!! come on lysa... hahhaha~ erm btw 2 weeks break I spent the whole of it wif my husband yg far far tuh~  PJJ (perkahwinan jarak jauh) hahahhaha~ funny kan~
        The last sunday i straightly went to this bizarre, Azya Bazaar at Kota Damansara when i knew they were having bizarre there... Unfortunately, i came a lil bit late and i didnt catch up the runaway..huhu~ However i'm so happy i met the SCARFLETS!!~ they are so freaking gojes n friendly~ i'm also grab few clothes from my favorite local designers RINA SALLEH~ while the rest semua dah disambar by others~huhuhuuh

and here the outfit which i grab from Rina Salleh Collection

wif my yellow nephew~hahhaha
n this are the scarflets, rina salleh, ami n nurul~ hijab fashion bloggers n designers~ lurve ittt!! meeting them is like meeting arron aziz!!!!hhahah~

picture taken from Ally Mysarah FB, they are Farah from Cala Qisya, NurulWonderWardrobe, Sarah from ammara, Jazmin from Old Blossom~


  1. yellow make you look fresh.nice blog .

    1. Thanx darling~ yeah as age grow~ putting on yellow makes me feel younger~hahaah

  2. I love yellow, and this outfit really nice on you sister, also the accesories adore them much!!!

    Ian Afifah

    1. Thanx dear~ da accessories u can grab it from brand outlets~ :)