Monday, 23 April 2012

A Visit for him ;))

assalamualaikum bloggers~
yaWw~its been a month n 2 weeks me as Puan~ hahahhaha~ maklumlah pas seminggu jew jd wifey da kena tinggal suami demi mencarik sesuap nasi (cam cerita sediy jak) kuikui~ bha to make it short, i went to see my husband in KL last week, n we stay in pullmanhotels Putrajaya~ da view was very captivated n breathtaking but da food ermmmmm quite disappointing ~ however da bakery were super delicious~spi encik abg makan roti jew rather than da main course~hehehheh~ so for those who wants to try dis hotel, here a few pictures for a guide~

from da main road~
swimming pool on da roof

da yummylicious breads~

da lakeside n part of da building~

in front of da lake~

toing toing~ hehehheheh

dats all for da time being~ =)

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