Thursday, 7 June 2012

Blow the candles~

yiPPie~ i'm 28 thoughhhh~hahahhaha~

but my husband keep on saying i'm 8 teennnn~hahahha~ how sweet he is :D, though it's my first birthday being a wife~ n it feels wonderful n different!! kuikui~

a simple celebration 4 me n my hubby~

an outfit before a dating wif my hubby~
she's 18~ he said~hahahhaha

choc chip cake

a chip choc cake from Baskin Robins~ yummilicious~

a birthday kiss from hubee~ thanx aby for da pure LOVE n CARE

huge love n kiss for my family n all friends throughout there who wish my birthday~ felt touched n happy for all da warm wishes~ semoga Allah memperkenankan semua doa2 kita~ amin`


  1. semoga berbahagia sampai ke anak cucu sayangku...

  2. Your hubby must love you very much :)

    Beautiful footwear, by the way <3

  3. yaWw~thanx gurl~ its juz wedges by VINCCI darling~