Monday, 7 May 2012

MAC up @ make up?

salam u olls~
         hello ladies, juz wanna share wif u olls bout my new collections of MAC~ erm i actually learned about make up from my sis (anie idriyanie)~ i adore her in fashion n yes make up things~ so out of all the make up brands out there, i found MAC suit my skin very well~i've been using these brand since i was study~erm lama jugak la tuh about 5-6 years dah~ but back then i've used only da foundation fluid n its compact jew~maklumlah masi study x mampu derrr~hehehheh~
        then, when i started my career, i started to buy da lipstick, blusher, eye liner, gloss up n so ever like u see down here~ since i am not an artist who can draw perfectly....hahhahah~ MAC can give pro effect on my face~hahhahaaa~ dats why i prefer MAC~ ;))

these are few of my new collections
left : studio perfect compact
middle : christmas new collection (Glitter & Ice), snowglobe eye shadow
right : dollymix sheertone shimmer blush   

1) girl love boy MAC plushglass.....2) chatterbox creme lipstick.....3) studio fix fluid.....4) MAC prep+prime, skin base visage.....5) MAC eye pencil, engraved.....6) MAC Heatherette limited edition eye shadow

       Actually the new collections is da christmas new collection (Glitter & Ice), snowglobe eye shadow  tu jew, yang lain dah lama guna, cuma  i'm out of stock, tu yang nampak baru~hahhahahha~

yah, one more thing ladies, u can REDEEM any lipstick from MAC by giving 6 remaining bottles (i meant any of MAC product which u have bought as a change to get 1 free lipstick~ i've got mine~ so dont throw away your empty bottle or any of ur MAC product which u have used yah~ hehhehehe~

and these taraaaaa, out of the blue~hehehhehe
my favorite latest collection of perfume

thank you for reading ladies!!!! 


  1. untung larrr bnyk mekup ngn perfume.. :P

    1. yew~ nti i belikan u jugak blusher, make up banyak2 yew~hehheeh

  2. hehehehe,,i dah lame xmekap ni..huhuhuu